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All pregnant women, no matter what their age, should be given the choice to have their baby screened for Down's syndrome. Antenatal screening is a way of assessing whether your unborn baby has an abnormality or condition during your pregnancy.

Antenatal screening cannot diagnose conditions such as Down's syndrome. However, what it does show is how likely it is that your baby has the syndrome. If the risk of your baby having Down's syndrome (or any other condition) is shown to be high, further testing can then be arranged to help confirm whether your baby has the condition.

Antenatal screening for Down's syndrome is carried out through both a blood test and an ultrasound scan; this is known as a 'combined test' . On this site you will find information about the NHS Fetal Anomaly Screening Programme (NHS FASP) and the combined test.

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If you are looking for publications previously published by FASP which are no longer available on this website please contact the programme team directly.

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